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z2573390377607_968b7d49f92c7f791a16d07f1d0dbaeb.jpg (106 KB)PERFORMANCE CAM 100% AFTER 1 TREATMENT

Ingredient: Pineapple, Jiaogulan extract (ActivAMP), Chitosan (OliCOS), stevia.

Uses: Support to loss weight, reduce cravings and fat absorption; control your weight.

Usage: Use 1 - 2packs per day directly and before breakfast 30 minutes is the best. The low blood pressure, stomach pain using after meals;

Drinking to 2-3 liters of water per day;

Eating plenty of vegetables, fruits, nuts, and restricted starch, sugar, and grease ...

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Due to Pineapple extract (fragrant): Pineapple creates a feeling of fullness longer and restricted absorb food in order to help lose weight easily, safely, and effectively.

Contains bromelain enzyme to help metabolize protein and destroy excess fat in the stomach. Bromelain also works with other enzymes such as lipase to digest fats and suppress appetite. In addition, bromelain also has anti-inflammatory properties. Inflammation increases weight by making the hormone leptin balance less effective.

Ø Supports nutrient absorption and slows down bowel movements, thus suppressing appetite.
Ø Reduces fat synthesis and increases lipolysis.

ActivAMP: extracted from the Jiaogulan plant (Gynostemma pentaphyllum) has been certified by KFDA (Korea Food and Drug Safety) for its effectiveness in reducing body fat. ActivAMP helps with weight loss weight by mechanism

Ø Increase burning fat: ActivAMP activates the enzyme AMPK is an enzyme that regulates energy metabolism in the body.

Ø Inhibition of lipid synthesis: through inhibition of the enzyme Acetyl CoA carboxylase
Ø Reduces fat stores in the body and increases energy for the body.


Objects of use:
People who wish to lose weight and gain weight easily, are in a state of obesity, balance;
Male and female office sedentary;

People who have to communicate with customers at the party.
receiving guests with alcohol, unable to control their weight;
Women gain weight after birthing.


Pregnant women, children under 12 years old;

Can be used for women who are breastfeeding, but will reduce appetite, so they may not be able to supplement enough nutrients for the baby;

The high blood pressure, heart disease, nerves, diabetes, liver failure, kidney disease, and The undergoing cancer treatment, cancer.

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Lose weight with Pineapple Jelly

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